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General Overview

What is online Reputation Management?

With the internet having such a large impact on the way local businesses are found and how they are perceived by potential customers, online Reputation Management ensures that your business will be perceived in the best possible light and that users find the correct information regarding your business’ details.

Why is online review monitoring important?

With over 33 million local reviews on Yelp alone, it’s clear that customers are sharing their opinions online. Seventy-two percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal referrals, so whether it’s a testimonial, a detailed article on someone’s blog, or an offhand comment on Twitter, people are now chatting 24/7—and local business owners need to be paying attention.

Why is a strong online presence important for local businesses?

In addition to being seen as a high quality establishment to potential customers, it is pertinent that those potential customers get the right information about your business. For example, you would not want a customer to decide on giving your business a chance only to come to find out that the address listed in search results is outdated! This completely blows the chance of turning that person into a loyal customer solely because they went to the wrong business location.


Online Listings

How important are online listings to my business?

Your listings do two main things: give potential and existing customers correct information to get in touch with your business, and help your SEO rankings to better show up in search results for relevant search queries. Without being able to get in touch with your business, or find it online in the first place, the process of acquiring customers becomes much more complicated and your business is missing out because of it.

Will Repzilla automatically update all of my listings?

The Repzilla platform itself is a tool that provides to you your business listings on most of the prominent listings sites for you to review, correct and create. If you would like us to correct or create your listings for you, we do offer an add-on service to do just that.

How soon will my listings be updated online after I correct them in Repzilla?

Unless there is an approval process for the listing site that you are correcting or creating a listing on, most updates to listings will be instant.

Can I update my listings as many times as I want?

Most online directories will let you update the address and other details multiple times. However, Google My Business and Facebook for example will only ever let you change your name 2 times, ever. Additionally, Google My Business listings must be verified by mail and some online directories go through an approval process before they are published so we recommend keeping frequent edits to a minimum.



Why is review monitoring important?

Local search is driven by online reviews, and so is revenue. On average, customer ratings are proven to increase sales by 18%, and 90% of people claim positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Smart business owners are getting serious about soliciting feedback, but generating reviews is hard work. It’s a hassle reaching out to customers, not to mention directing them to review sites, tracking conversations and sharing recommendations on social media. Business owners need a solution that does the heavy lifting for them.

Can't I just delete my negative reviews?

Unfortunately, we cannot simply remove a review from the internet. Every reviewer is entitled to their voice. What we can do is flag a review that violates that site’s terms and conditions. If that particular listing site agrees with our request, they will remove the review. We would still advise responding to the review in the meantime. This way other potential customers (who may not know the reviewer misinformed) will not assume the review is accurate.

Do you guarantee that my online ratings will go up?

No, we do not guarantee that you will receive better ratings.

Why is it so important to respond to both positive and negative reviews?

By responding to online reviews you are thanking and acknowledging your customers for their feedback, just as you would if they were to compliment your business in person. A response to a negative review is for the benefit of anyone seeing that review, not just the reviewer. It shows the business is aware of any issues their customers may be experiencing and that they are actively working to resolve these issues.

Do you respond to reviews for me?

With Repzilla’s core platform, we give you the tools to monitor the most prominent review sites and make it easy for you to respond to users quickly. However, we do offer an add-on service in which we will respond to reviews for you.

What kind of content will you include in review responses?

With the managed review add-on service, there is no written response for every review. Each response is tailored to the review that is left. In the case that it is a poor review, we will encourage the user to take the conversation offline and direct them to your customer service channels.

Will Repzilla respond to my existing reviews?

Repzilla’s managed review add-on service only covers reviews posted after an accounts initial start date.

Is there a limit to how many reviews you will respond to for a given client?

There is virtually no limit to how many reviews we will respond to. If the number of reviews pulled in is excessive and requiring extra resources, we will have a conversation. Certain review sites have daily response caps to which we must adhere, but all your incoming reviews will get posted.


Social Marketing

How does social media help my business?

Social media websites such as Facebook give you the chance to engage with your existing and potential customers, generate reviews and feedback on a well-known platform as well as give updates on your business activity to show users that you are constantly doing relevant things in the industry.

Does Social Marketing allow posting to multiple social media channels?

From one tab, business owners can publish content to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with the push of a button, utilize in-line conversations so the context of interactions isn’t lost and schedule posts in advance so that you’re not rushing to publish content.

How are social followers built?

Did you know that 90% of small businesses have Facebook pages, but that almost one third of them have less than thirty-two fans? Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many local businesses it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago. In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value. Social Marketing focuses on the three elements that are most crucial in bringing more attention to a business’s profile: finding interesting content, discovering influential people, and creating deals.

Can Repzilla post to my social media pages for me?

With our Social Posting add-on service our team can post to as many social media pages as you have, resulting in uniform messaging across all channels, since the posts will go out to all connected pages at the same time.

How many times will Repzilla post to my social media accounts?

Depending on the level of Social Posting that you choose, we can post between 2 and 4 times a week.

Will I have to provide content to post or will Repzilla create it for me?

With our Social Posting add-on service, we will generate content and post it on your behalf. This content will be a mixture of marketing posts and interesting content found online.


Online Mentions

From what mediums can I track mentions?

Repzilla will notify you of mentions found across the web including things such as blog posts, news articles and social media posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Competitor Monitoring

What does competitor monitoring allow me to monitor?

With Competitor Monitoring, you can see what share of voice you have on search engines compared to your competitors, how many social followers they have and what growth trends they have seen in the last 30 days as well as what social posts they have recently published.

How many competitors can I monitor at once?

Can’t find documentation

How often can I add a new competitor to monitor?

You can add or delete competitors as often as you like.

How long does it take to show data from my competitors?

Monitoring data will aggregate virtually instantly and be updated daily.


Operational Insights

What are operational insights?

Operational Insights allow you to see the data that matters most. Schedule daily alerts that highlight changes in each of section of Repzilla and get weekly or monthly executive reports that summarize your online reputation as a whole.

How often can I receive an executive report?

Executive reports can be sent on a weekly or monthly basis.

Where will my daily alerts be sent to?

Daily alerts will be sent to the email(s) of your choosing.


Add-On Services

What are Add-Ons?

Add-On services are managed and fulfilled by Repzilla and are offered as services in addition to the core Repzilla platform.

Does Repzilla come with any Add-On services enabled?

No, the initial purchase of Repzilla does not come with any of our Add-On services.

Can I get an Add-On service without purchasing Repzilla?

Unfortunately most of our Add-On services are fulfilled through the platform and therefore we would not be able to fulfill those services without first purchasing the platform.



What day is the monthly billing cycle on?

Billing will show up on your credit card on the same day that you initially purchased, each month.

Will billing on the Monthly Plan continue even if I'm not using the account?

Yes. We will continue to generate your monthly bill even if you aren’t actively using your account. If you would like to cancel your account, please notify us within 3 business days of the next billing cycle to ensure that your account is cancelled before then.

Can I take off an add-on off at anytime?

You may pause any add-on items that you have enabled at anytime. Please notify us within 3 business days of the next billing cycle to ensure that your add-on is paused before then. Your add-on will remain active until the next billing cycle.

How do I cancel my Repzilla account?

Send us an email saying that you would like to cancel and we will pause your account for you. Please notify us within 3 business days of the next billing cycle to ensure that your account is cancelled before then.

Can I get a refund if I don't like Repzilla?

Although we doubt you will ask for one, we will cancel your account and give you a refund on the Repzilla platform, minus a 10% setup cost. Managed add-on services are fulfilled in advance however and cannot be refunded.

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